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Leading Immigration Consulting Firm Based in Sri Lanka and United Kingdom.

Vito Ceylon International is a modern law firm mainly focused to operate its mechanism in virtual nature. Our office located in Galle in Sri Lnka that serves local and international clients. The firm focuses on a broad range of legal matters connected with immigration towards UK, Canada and Australia. Basically our operation works as a Network of International Lawyers where the clients are able to forward their matters directly to our Lawyers ‘consideration.

Our endeavour is to provide effective service without wasting clients’ precious time. We do not expect our clients‘s physical presence unless it is required due to the circumstances and nature of the case. In consequence of Pandemic situation in Sri Lanka , we were compelled to contemplate in different approach.

While doing structural changes related to our concept. We expanded our private capacity to scope not only for Student matters, even for Family Matters ,Skilled Migration , Working Visas, Settlement visas, Entrepreneur visas and Investor visas and etc.

In addition, we are supposed to open New Doors in our firm, for the international clients who are focussing to Sri Lanka for the purpose of investing on different enterprises and for the clients expect to purchase Sri Lankan properties. Our effort is to create virtual hub for benefitting to everyone with their needs.

As a company registered under the Laws of Sri Lankan republic those clients deal directly with experienced Lawyers who take the time to understand their concerns and objectives. The legal team works to create a strategic approach for each unique situation, seeking the best possible solutions in every case. Our Lawyers are flexible, receptive, and responsive to the needs of clients and provide services that are designed to be transparent, efficient and expedient.

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